Augmented Texture


As part of a course that developed from the intersection of technology, apparel, and architecture, this project began with a simple thesis: what is the space of touch? Can we visualize/experience the textures we feel in a 3-dimensional way?

Collaboration with Daejeong Kim



Texture + Drawing Machine

This phase of the research began with a simple texture rubbing. Once multiple material samples were gathered throughout the site, each texture was mapped and analyzed in 2 ways: visually, using a height-field translation to understand the “space” in each sample, and analytically using a combined section-cut interpretation and photoshop histogram pixel count.

DJK201501191639769  sheets_Page_09


The resulting information was then used to develop an input for a fairly common drawing machine. Through the use of gears, we were able to add teeth to each gear, corresponding to the data gathered in the last phase. A wide range of drawings was produced, each associated with a specific texture.

2015-01-22 13.40.31    IMG_0472

od-16    od-17


Translation -> Space

The final phase used the drawings completed in the last to return the information to its original site, though this time in 3-dimensional form. Although not necessarily physical, in a material sense, the resulting images depict a spatial condition for each material texture, perhaps in subconscious and implicit understanding.

Texturemap(small) Final_Axon(small)