The existing Providence train station is simply the  result of the intersection of the surrounding traffic patterns translated through the site, those being the trains and street grid. The space moves patrons efficiently, but one that warrants little need to visit other than the act of riding a train.  The goal of this project was to create a place of exchange, with the word “exchange” itself being the driver of the design. Etymology, drawings, and models were all used to explore the definition of exchange, the result being a set of simple tectonic moves that are applied on all scales: urban to human.

Matrix of site conditions based on exchange of currency (parking meters, taxis, bus and train tickets, etc.) ArchD_MatrixModel+foam     matrix_synthesis     Process of developing exchange surface, which includes a 4-foot module that relates to the human scale ArchD_CirculationModelprocess     sketch1       beckscan4-23edit beckscan4-23(2)edit

IMG_1321  IMG_1331


Application of exchange to the site, derived from previous exploration Diagram-Board     Final_Plan(Site)1-32         Final_Plan1-16








ArchD_FinalModel4     ArchD_FinalModel6     Final_Interior   Final_Platform